Weddings and Breaking the Ice


I would like to welcome guest blogger Nicola. Nicola will be writing from a wedding guest perspective and will give some useful ideas about how you can help your guests break the ice. Over to Nicola!

Seating plans

Seating plans will be an important tool at weddings but there’s always the potential for weddings to be socially awkward. They feature a mix of family, friends, colleagues and maybe even randoms will be in attendance! The good news is that all guests will have something in common… the happy couple. So all is not lost.

I’m not suggesting that name tags should be worn to help encourage interaction, but guests might be a mix of extroverts and those who find the thought of making small talk terrifying. What’s the harm in introducing a few fun elements for your guests to try and encourage a celebratory atmosphere with free flowing conversation?

Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras on the tables at the reception – a great informal, yet immediate and fun thing for guest’s to do and will encourage interaction between those on the tables. As an added bonus, the bride and groom will be left with some great pictures!


I was at a reception where the bride and groom compiled a quiz which was left on each table. There were of course questions about the bride and groom. There were also general wedding related questions and then a ‘name the famous bride’ picture quiz section. It went down really well and got the table talking and laughing. Perfect!

Another good idea would be to have a small ‘pass the parcel’ on each table.  Under each layer there could be a question such as ‘funniest memory of the bride and groom’. Or ‘who has known the groom longest?’. The presents can be elegantly wrapped to match the colour scheme or theme. Each layer could also include a small bonus favour. Classic sweets like Love Hearts could be beautifully presented in an organza ba. Perhaps even After Eights in a small favour box.

Although it won’t be suitable for all weddings, I heard about a couple who spent time writing a poem for their wedding. It was left on each table. It stated that in order to get the bride and groom to kiss, each table had to stand and sing a song which contained the word ‘love’. They loved seeing their friends and family scheming over song choices and then hearing what they came up with. Fun was definitely had by all.

Final thoughts

Some will find the thought of official ice breakers too much as they have the potential to feel a little too forced. Hopefully your guests will remain gracious if this is the route you chose to take and lead the way with the time old classic of conversation! The most important thing to do is what is right for you as a couple, have fun and celebrate with those who are important to you!

These are just a few thoughts from me. As a wedding guest, I enjoy getting to know the people who are important to my friends and family and would happily go along with any of the ideas listed above (especially the sing-along!).

Thanks to Eluna Events for letting me share.