Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators


People often ask me the difference between wedding planners and venue coordinators. The next question is whether they need both. This is especially the case when the venue is not only providing a coordinator but because they have preferred or recommended suppliers to pick from.

This blog post is not trying to take away from venue wedding coordinators, many of them are wonderful at what they do. The focus here is to make you aware of the differences.

Wedding Planners

If you hire a wedding planner, they work directly for you. Therefore everything they do should be in your best interest. A wedding planner can take care of every single aspect of your wedding, from start to finish. This includes working with the venue coordinator and suppliers to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The planner can be involved as much or as little as you like. They can do all the running around for you or simply step in where you need their help the most.

In addition, a wedding planner can be by your side from the moment you get engaged. Some of them may even plan your engagement party. They can assist with the following and much more:

  • Theme and colour schemes and offering unique ideas for your big day
  • Budget planning and creating personalised timelines and checklists
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Managing all the event admin including supplier contracts, arranging supplier meetings and offering etiquette advice
  • Guest management
  • Ceremony planning
  • Rehearsal planning and coordination
  • Managing the wedding day, including creating a wedding day schedule and liaising with all suppliers

Finally, they can also prove to be very helpful in finding your ideal venue in the first place. Wedding planners will have built up a good knowledge of and relationships with a variety of venues and suppliers. Many of them should be able to save you money by negotiating discounts.

Also, your wedding might not be the only event being held on the same day at your venue. By hiring a wedding planner, you will have their undivided attention. If you want to plan your own day but don’t want to worry about the logistics of the day itself, then many planners offer a day management service.

Venue Coordinators

A venue coordinator works for the venue and their focus is to ensure that all venue procedures are followed. Also, please note that your venue contact in the run up to your wedding might not be the person overseeing the day itself.

If your venue insist on you using their preferred suppliers then a wedding planner might already have prior experience of working with them. They can help you ask all the right questions based on your requirements and do their best to negotiate you a discount.

In terms of venues having recommended suppliers it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Some suppliers are recommended because of their outstanding work and long standing relationship with the venue
  • Others might pay to be on that list or give the venue commission each time they are booked by a client

Do your research and meet with all of the suppliers as well as those of your own choice if permitted by the venue.