Wedding Insurance

What is wedding insurance and what does it include?

Wedding insurance covers you financially against unfortunate events such as:

  • Cancellation or rearrangement due to an illness or bereavement within the wedding party
  • Supplier failure, such as a company going out of business
  • Loss or damage to wedding attire, rings, flowers or the cake
  • Adverse weather conditions

What does wedding insurance not include?

Check your policy carefully to see what is covered. Generally speaking, you can’t make a claim for something you already knew about, a theft, if you can no longer afford to continue, or if one of you calls the wedding off.

There are also optional extras that you can add to your policy. These include marquee cover and public liability for the whole wedding party.

When should I take out wedding insurance?

Many companies let you take out a policy up to two years before your wedding day. It is probably best take out a policy as soon as you start making bookings and paying deposits.

How much should I insure my wedding for?

You should insure your wedding based on how much you have or think you are going to spend overall. You also need to check individual categories to make sure that the cover is adequate (for example, £2,500 to cover wedding attire).

There are a range of wedding insurance providers out there so use a website such as to find the best policy for you.

Check policies carefully as they will have exclusions, cover limits and some of them will charge an excess. Remember, the amount you can claim will depend on the level of cover you purchased in the first place.

I really cannot recommend wedding insurance enough, it covers you against the unexpected and in my opinion is worth every penny.