Strand of Silk


I would like to introduce the lovely Anika from Strand of Silk who is going to tell us  about the services that they offer. Over to you Anika!

Strand of Silk is an online retailer offering the latest collections from some of the best Indian fashion designers. We offer stunning contemporary and traditional outfits for men and women. Alongside this we provide gorgeous accessories, from simple parties to extravagant balls and grand weddings!

The bridal collection includes creations by respected designers such as Anita Dongre, SVA, and Raakesh Agarvwal. We also offer a contemporary take from younger designers such as Vijay Balhara and Sougat Paul.

Our custom made service enables brides to personalise and customise outfits to suit their requirements with our Made For You’ service. This customisation could take the form of different colours, embellishments and fit. If clients are looking for just a size alteration, we offer one free alteration service for bridal orders.


Strand of Silk gold metal chain embroidered gown by designer Raakesh Agarvwal
Gold embroidered gown by Raakesh Agarvwal
Strand of Silk corset saree by designer Raakesh Agarvwal
Corseted saree by Raakesh Agarvwal


Experience The Dress

You can have your outfit delivered to your home to see the embroidery, try it on and show family and friends. If you decide to not have a custom version made, you can simply return it and have all your money refunded.


Strand of Silk blue sherwani by designer Siddartha Tytler
Blue sherwani by Siddartha Tytler
Strand of Silk maroon brocade sherwani by designer Siddartha Tytler
Maroon brocade sherwani by Siddartha Tytler


Fit For You

A special measurement service if you decide to go ahead with customisation. You will be provided with detailed instructions (pictures and videos) to help take measurements, available at no extra charge. Alternatively, we can arrange a house call, where a specialist will come and give you a ‘Fit Guarantee’. Extra charges are applicable and this option is currently only available in selected locations.


Strand of Silk orange corset & red lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal
Corset & red lehenga by Raakesh Agarvwal
Strand of Silk blue net brocade gown by designer Anita Dongre
Blue net brocade flair gown by Anita Dongre
Strand of Silk earrings by designer Roopa Vohra
Round stone earrings by Roopa Vohra


Styling Assistance

Strand of Silk can offer various styling suggestions depending on the bride’s requirements. Examples of styling suggestions can be found on Bollywood Wedding Styling.


Strand of Silk purple and gold saree by designer Siddartha Tytler
Saree by Siddartha Tytler

Thank you to Anika for talking the time to talk to me. If you would like to speak to Strand of Silk about how they can help you, email them at or visit