Making an Entrance


There currently seems to be a huge emphasis on how couples make their way into their wedding reception. So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on ‘Making an Entrance’ with you.

You can either enter your reception in the traditional way or in a way that represents you as a couple. If you are both quite shy, dancing your way to your seats to keep guests entertained will fill you with dread. For many, the thought of the first dance with all those eyes on them is enough! Alternatively, if you are a couple of extroverts, you will be in your element and enjoy every second. You always have the option of having members of the bridal party put together a routine.

I agree that it can be nice to keep some details of the day on the lowdown in order to provide an element of surprise. However, you should not feel as if your wedding day is about constantly surprising people and keeping them entertained at every second. Completely changing your personality in order to get a few laughs is not the way forward; you will not enjoy yourself.

One of the most traditional entrances is when the bride and groom are announced and enter the room to cheering and clapping. You could have a professional toastmaster announce you or member of the venue staff. Perhaps an usher, close family member or friend that you wish to include in your big day. I highly recommend stating how you wish to be introduced, for example Mr & Mrs Smith or Ben & Sarah Smith.

Alternatively, you could opt for a song or theme tune to enter to. I have heard everything from the Black Eyed Peas (Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night) and the James Bond theme tune (this was fitting for the British themed wedding) to James Brown (I Got You).  If you have a theme, this may provide you with some inspiration for your entrance.

Another option could be to have your guests sing your entrance song. Some might view this as cheesy; if you did not cringe when you read this then maybe you could consider it. If you are not opting for a traditional Order of the Day then an energetic entrance followed by your first dance might be the way forward.

Asian weddings

Having the dhol playing is one of the most popular entrances into an Asian wedding reception. If you want to mix it up a little then Drummers Delight can give you a little added bonus by combining the dhol and bagpipes. My current favourite is the combination of the dhol and saxophone, nobody can resist tapping his or her foot along to that! The saxophone on its own is also truly amazing, great if you are looking for an elegant but show stopping entrance into your reception.

Final thoughts

Think about your wedding, what word comes to mind?

  • Elegant; if you are having a musician play during the wedding breakfast then make the most of them!
  • Quirky; consider an unusual song choice or introduction from your toastmaster.
  • Entertaining; choreograph a dance routine, consider having the bridesmaids, best man and ushers involved or have the toastmaster tell your story whilst you make your way in.

Remember, it is your big day so when it comes to making an entrance, the choice is yours!