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Five ways to get the best out of your wedding photographer

I am delighted to introduce Minna Rossi Photography, a London based photographer catering for weddings, events, portrait and still life. Minna is going to share five ways to get the best out of your wedding photographer with us.

Richmond Registry Office wedding by Minna Rossi Photography Smiling bride and groom by Minna Rossi Photography

1. Check with your venue beforehand whether there are any restrictions in regards to photography. The venue may have restricted areas closed to the public or require certain types of insurance from your photographer. If they are a professional photographer they should be covered anyway, but best to check. Also, knowing in advance if your photographer will not be allowed to use flash will help them plan in advance how to get the best shots.

Bridal bouquet by Minna Rossi Photography Documentary style photography by Minna Rossi Photography

2. Enlist at least two people on the day who know most of the guests by name to help the photographer gather guests for group shots. This will ensure things run smoothly, quickly and effortlessly.

3. Make sure the photographer has all the relevant addresses and timings for the day. If anything changes logistically or you have a few surprises in store for the guests, please do inform the photographer  in advance. You can always swear them to silence to keep it as a surprise!

Bride and groom taking pictures by Minna Rossi Photography Pink bridal shoes, buttonhole and bridal bouquet by Minna Rossi Photography

4. When you meet your photographer for a pre-wedding consultation, share your likes and dislikes in regards to photography. It’s important to discuss what is important to you so they have a really good idea of what you would like them to capture.

5. Get to know your wedding photographer. Good communication is key and building a rapport will help you feel more comfortable around them on the day. This is especially important if you suffer from nerves in front of the lens.

Black and white photography of bride and groom holding hands by Minna Rossi Photography Bridal makeup by Minna Rossi Photography

Minna Rossi

If you would like to speak to Minna about how she can help you on your big day, please visit Minna Rossi Photography or take a look at her TwitterFacebook, and Google+ pages.


Images courtesy of Minna Rossi