Bride and groom caricature wedding car - Male perspective on wedding planning

I am Groom

  Here we have a guest blog from one of our grooms who would like to offer a male perspective on planning a wedding. Get involved First things first. Whether or not it’s “her day,” at some point you are going to be wearing the outfit, eating the food, paying the bills and making a […]

Smiling bride and groom

Winter Weddings

  There is something magical about winter weddings. Fairy lights, candles, log fires, pine cones, crystals, greenery and snowflakes all scream winter wedding. Not all at once of course! Even though winter weddings are becoming more popular, it is still a less busy time of the year to get married and so you are likely to find some great […]

Pink and cream wedding flowers. Guest book alternatives

Guest Book Alternatives

  If  you are looking for guest book alternatives, then you have come to the right place! Remember, you can always tie your wedding theme or colour scheme in to your guest book alternative idea. For example, a typewriter would be great for a vintage theme. I hope that the following inspires you to come up with a […]

Autumnal red and orange wedding centrepieces

Wedding Centrepieces

  When it comes to your reception wedding centrepieces will be the decorative focal point. With a choice of floral types and colours, either tall or short arrangements, lanterns, trees and candles there is something for all budgets and tastes. There are so many different options available to couples these days. If you are a fan of […]

Turquoise flower detail - heirloom cushions

Heirloom Cushions

  I would like to introduce you to Jan Lewis of Raspberry Studio. Jan creates the most beautiful and intricate heirloom cushions. Always on the hunt for something a little different, I just have to share her work with you. Heirloom cushions can be commissioned for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, to celebrate a new arrival or any other occasion where […]

Pink and white wedding favour box - summer weddings

Summer Weddings

  Summer weddings are the most popular and so it seems fitting to cover weddings at this time of the year. Take a look at my summer wedding blog featured on Go Articles for some further ideas. Inspiration boards for summer weddings Take a look at three inspiration boards featuring some of my favourite summer colour schemes: Here is an […]

Chocolate covered strawberries.

Goodnight Station

  Say adiós to your guests with a goodnight station. A goodnight station is a table full of sweet or savoury goodies that can be dressed and tailored to match your wedding colours, theme and the time of year. They are a fabulous way to end your wedding reception and bid your guests farewell. Seasonal stations […]

Sunflower wedding bouquet - spring weddings

Spring Weddings

  With spring fast approaching (officially yes, but not according to the current weather!), it only seems fitting to cover spring weddings. Colour schemes, themes & decor Spring colours are traditionally soft shades of pink, blue and green. Some good colour combinations are baby blue and silver, pastel green and ivory or lavender and lemon if you fancy a splash […]