Bride and groom caricature wedding car - Male perspective on wedding planning

I am Groom

  Here we have a guest blog from one of our grooms who would like to offer a male perspective on planning a wedding. Get involved First things first. Whether or not it’s “her day,” at some point you are going to be wearing the outfit, eating the food, paying the bills and making a […]

Minna Rossi Photography.

Minna Rossi Photography

  Five ways to get the best out of your wedding photographer I am delighted to introduce Minna Rossi Photography, a London based photographer catering for weddings, events, portrait and still life. Minna is going to share five ways to get the best out of your wedding photographer with us. 1. Check with your venue beforehand whether there […]

Blue Sky Flowers bouquet. Photography by Liz Inigo Jones.

Blue Sky Flowers

  I would like to introduce the talented Liz from Blue Sky Flowers who has agreed to share some of her floristry expertise with us. Liz, tell us a little about Blue Sky Flowers and the services that you offer? I started BSF just over 12 years ago from a background in magazines as I […]

Jaipur Clutch by Meera Mahadevia

Strand of Silk

  I would like to introduce the lovely Anika from Strand of Silk who is going to tell us  about the services that they offer. Over to you Anika! Strand of Silk is an online retailer offering the latest collections from some of the best Indian fashion designers. We offer stunning contemporary and traditional outfits for men […]

Turquoise flower detail - heirloom cushions

Heirloom Cushions

  I would like to introduce you to Jan Lewis of Raspberry Studio. Jan creates the most beautiful and intricate heirloom cushions. Always on the hunt for something a little different, I just have to share her work with you. Heirloom cushions can be commissioned for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, to celebrate a new arrival or any other occasion where […]

Wedding guest cameras - weddings and breaking the ice

Weddings and Breaking the Ice

  I would like to welcome guest blogger Nicola. Nicola will be writing from a wedding guest perspective and will give some useful ideas about how you can help your guests break the ice. Over to Nicola! Seating plans Seating plans will be an important tool at weddings but there’s always the potential for weddings […]