A British and Chinese Wedding


It’s Chinese New Year on 31st January and festivities will be taking place throughout London. Celebrations have inspired ideas for those wanting a Chinese theme or to blend Chinese heritage into their wedding. With mixed faith weddings on the rise, I hope this blog inspires you. There are many subtle ways in which you can blend two cultures together when planning a wedding.

Colour Scheme

How about a colour scheme of gold, ivory and touches of red? Red is the colour for Chinese weddings because it represents luck, happiness and joy. Gold is elegant and also symbolises wealth and fortune for couples within Chinese culture. In addition, ivory is a popular colour associated with British weddings.


Think lanterns down the aisle and orchid flowers. Orchids are symbols of love and fertility and are therefore a popular choice at Chinese weddings. The number three is considered lucky in Chinese culture. Three escort card tables could be set up instead of a table plan. The cards could be placed in alphabetical order in rows of nine. Because the number nine represents longevity and eternity within Chinese culture it is particularly popular. For decor, three floating candles or red rose floating table centrepieces could be placed on the tables.

It would be a nice touch to have a translation of the wedding breakfast menu into Mandarin or Cantonese. Alternatively, wording for wedding invitations could be printed in English and Mandarin or Cantonese on the opposite side. Consider the Chinese double happiness symbol as a cake topper, it will be especially relevant for the day.

Wedding Favours

Favour boxes could contain a red wrapper fortune cookie and sugared almonds (the best of British and Chinese cultures). Gifts for the bridal party could be beautifully wrapped in gold and red and presented in matching gift bags. Perhaps wrap bridal gifts in red and gold and present in stylish gift bags. Think gold organza bows and ribbon and luxury wrapping paper. This is similar to the way in which the Chinese present wedding gifts in red envelopes and boxes.

Finally, a modern bride in China usually wears three outfits on her big day. This is a custom that many of us ladies would probably like to follow!