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I would like to introduce the talented Liz from Blue Sky Flowers who has agreed to share some of her floristry expertise with us.

Liz, tell us a little about Blue Sky Flowers and the services that you offer?

I started BSF just over 12 years ago from a background in magazines as I just couldn’t suppress my creative urges any longer! We’ve done a lot of different floral jobs during this time but have to say that my most favourite part is working on a wedding; from meeting the bride and groom first of all through to helping them choose their ideal flowers and colours and finally seeing the look on a bride’s face when she sees her bouquet for the first time – absolutely priceless!

Where do you get inspiration for your floral designs and how would you describe your style?

I know it sounds cliché but inspiration is all around. I love looking abroad to see what florists in Australia and the States are doing, but I can get just as fired up walking around our own fabulous flower market at Nine Elms, where I have my work studio, and seeing all the seasonal flowers and foliages that we have to choose from. Sometimes ideas just come from nowhere or from placing one single bloom next to another and wham, you’re off!


Blue Sky Flowers cornflower buttonholes. Lloyd Dobbie Photography
Cornflower buttonholes – Lloyd Dobbie Photography

In your opinion, what are the current floral trends?


This is rather like how long is a piece of string! But, there is a definite tendency towards the natural, loose, slightly wild look to both bouquets and table displays. Long ribbons for bouquets and even the odd bit of old fashioned asparagus fern or genista can transform a bouquet into something unusual and fabulous.

What would you say are the most popular choice of flowers by season?

Roses, freesia and waxflower all year round, peonies in spring which is April through to August if you are lucky, paperwhite narcissi from February to Easter, hydrangeas pretty much all year round too although the colours available vary from one season to the next.


Blue Sky Flowers bridesmaid bouquets. Gill Flett Photography
Bridesmaid bouquets – Gill Flett Photography

How can couples keep the costs down?


The best way to keep costs down for a wedding is to decide on an overall budget and stick to it. But this is not always easy, I know.

In terms of a floral budget, once you have a venue and know the timings and layout for the day decide with the help of your florist on the most important areas to have flowers and whether they can be moved from one venue or room to another. Then choose with your florist the best, most seasonal, flowers.

Table centres do not have to be large affairs, a few well chosen containers with some choice flowers will look just as beautiful as a large display with cheaper blooms.

How far in advance do you think that couples should meet with a florist?

That depends on what they have in mind. We put together quite a large wedding at a 5 star London Hotel with 2 weeks’ notice. The bride only confirmed her final choice of flowers four days before the wedding. We have also been booked as early as 18 months in advance.

I would say 6-8 months before the wedding date is adequate but it is worth enquiring earlier if you have the time and the venue is booked.

If you are lucky enough to have 12 months or more to plan then talking to some florists a year before your wedding date will mean you can look at the seasonal flowers that will be available in advance.

What sort of things would you recommend a couple brings to an initial consultation?

I like couples to bring along any ideas that they may have. This includes; photos, swatches of dress fabrics and details of the venue(s).


Blue Sky Flowers feather bouquet. Fiona Kelly Photography
Bouquet with feathers – Fiona Kelly Photography
Blue Sky Flowers silver urn with ivory and green flowers. Lloyd Dobbie Photography
Ivory & green flowers – Lloyd Dobbie Photography

Finally, any advice for those who are clueless about flowers?


Trust your florist, they know what they are doing. Be honest with them about what you like and dislike as well as your budget.


Blue Sky Flowers wedding at The Stationers' Hall. Kat Hill Photography
Wedding at The Stationers’ Hall – Kat Hill Photography
Blue Sky Flowers table centrepiece. Kat Hill Photography.
Table Centrepiece – Kat Hill Photography


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Thank you to Liz for talking the time to talk to me. If you would like to speak to Liz about how she can help you, contact her on 07973 601 045 or visit Blue Sky Flowers.