Asian Wedding Trends


I have many fond memories of being a guest at Asian weddings, some of which did not run to time. Let us not get into why, but how you can make up some time as the day goes on. Depending on the formality of your wedding, rather than leaving your guests waiting at the venue after the ceremony, why not either:

  • Arrange to have some of your photographs taken later on in the day; or
  • Have your starters served to your guests whilst you have photographs taken or make the necessary outfit changes.

We have mentioned in our top tips that gift lists are still a fairly new concept within the Asian community. They are a great idea, seeing as many newly married Asian couples will not have lived together before. A gift list will help them on their way to setting up a new home together.

Moving on, Eluna Events visited the National Asian Wedding Show this weekend and found two particularly interesting suppliers.

Chai Fusions

We have all heard of cocktail makers but what about the world’s first Chai Wallah Hire Service? This would be great for weddings, parties and corporate events and is sure to keep the ‘aunties’ happy! Chai Fusions offer a variety of chais, coffees and iced teas served in an entertaining, cocktail style.


The team at Momento will help you create a newspaper for your wedding or any other event that is completely personalised by you and your guests and will be sure to leave a lasting impression. They would make great wedding favours and are an alternative to the traditional box of mithai or something sweet. You could include pictures of you as babies, thank you letters, embarrassing stories and a wedding day schedule.


Last but certainly not least, fashion trends. Heavily embroidered fishtail lenghas, and the sari-lengha are proving popular as are sequined borders, layers and fabrics such as velvet, chiffon and organza. Red and pink are still popular and I have seen lots of the colours champagne and gold as well as an array of intricate headpieces. Resham embroidery is ever present as are western cut dresses in shades of white and cream and ruffles are also making a welcomed appearance. I have also noticed the emergence of the ‘train’ again and an intriguing short veil like chunni.

Finally, thank you to Jasneet for her contribution to this blog.