Guest Book Alternatives


If  you are looking for guest book alternatives, then you have come to the right place!

Remember, you can always tie your wedding theme or colour scheme in to your guest book alternative idea. For example, a typewriter would be great for a vintage theme.

I hope that the following inspires you to come up with a fun and unique idea. For further guest book alternatives take at look at my Pinterest board.

Have your friends and family write their well wishes on paper bag lanterns. These can be beautifully displayed during the evening do. How about having your guests share their key to a successful marriage? You need lots of tags and keys and somewhere for people to hang the keys once they have written their messages.

Your loved ones can type their well wishes to you. It saves having to read bad handwriting and is actually quite fun! Or why not get guests to find their name tag, take a Polaroid, and put it in the tags place. You can set up a fun display and have it fit your theme or colour scheme.

Ask your wedding guests to write their messages on Jenga pieces to help you build memories. Or perhaps, they can write their well wishes on a chalkboard and have a photograph taken with the message.

love this wedding guest book idea. sean walker photography captured it beautifully. Instead of a traditional guest book, have folks sign a bottle of wine.

Get friends and family leave their fingerprints on the tree of life. You can also have them sign their name on their print. Alternatively, you can find designs that don’t require the prints and you just have your guests sign their name. Examples of both can be found on Etsy.

Last but not least, have loved ones sign a wine bottle instead of a guest book. You can then drink the wine on an anniversary of your choice. If you have a big guest list then get two or maybe even three bottles. That means more for you to drink on your anniversary! This is a great idea for wine buffs.